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P.T. Dawkins

An MS diagnosis cut my 28-year career in the investment industry short but when one door closes, another opens; it gave me the opportunity to follow a life-long dream, writing fiction. My focus is “crimes of deception” where the victims don’t realize they are until it’s far too late. The perpetrator’s sophistication seems to march lock-step with technological growth. My primary goal, however is introduce readers to characters they’ll remember long after the book is finished. I majored in English at Dartmouth College, earned MBA and CFA designations from The University of Western Ontario and the CFA Institute and completed a sixty-hour creative writing training program at The University of Toronto.


The Analyst

After David Heart’s father’s estate is squandered by bad advice, his mother faces eviction and his grandfather needs life-saving surgery. A seemingly-helpful family friend finds David a seat at a bucket-shop off-Wall Street firm with the promise that money flows like wine…

The Ponzi

Michael Franklin Jr., a struggling stockbroker, is under siege. During the worst bear market since the crash of ’29, he is quickly losing his legendary father’s former clients and personal friends…

Tradur Gurl

In his apparent suicide note, prominent stockbroker Michael Franklin admitted guilt in a $100 million Ponzi scheme but also fingered Sandy Allen as the mastermind…


When money is on the table, people can get vicious. “The Analyst” is a thriller set along Wall Street and the cut throat business acumen that goes down between it all. “The Analyst” is a riveting read of Wall Street intrigue, highly recommended.

– Bethany Cox


The great thing about “The Ponzi” is that P.T. Dawkins is able to tell a story while giving the readers an insider lesson in the investment world. It is one of those books that make you want to give it to the next person you come across, with a “you have to read this.”

– Lit Amri


Trader Gurl is unabashedly fun to read. It’s well-plotted, fast-paced, suspenseful, at times funny and interesting in providing a look at the underside of the stock market – although definitely G-rated. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next.

– Chris B.

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